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True Key Password Security Technology Previewed by Intel Security

The promise of True Key is that it will enable consumers to securely log on to multiple Websites and online services. Rather than just using a simple password that the user inputs for each specific Website, True Key uses a unique customer attribute to authenticate access. That unique attribute could include what Intel Security refers to as "facial math," which, for example, could determine the distance between the user's eyes and nose.

"The True Key application removes the hassle of remembering multiple passwords and instantly logs you in to your apps, sites and devices using factors that are unique to you, like your facial features and the devices you own," Mark Hocking, vice president and general manager of Safe Identity at Intel Security, explained to eWEEK. "The more factors you use, the stronger your True Key profile becomes, making it even easier to know it's really you."

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Intel Previews True Key Password Security

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