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Vormetric's New CEO Goes After Data Security

vormetric ceo

HP is one of the world's largest IT vendor sand home to many security technologies and professionals. It's no longer the home of Alan Kessler though. Kessler was once the President of HP's Tipping Point division and when he left he was the VP, Worldwide Sales and Service for HP's Enterprise Security Products division.

Kessler was recently named the new CEO of encryption vendor Vormetric and he's taking the lessons he learned while HP with him. In Kessler's view, it's no longer a question for enterprises whether or not they will get hacked, but about how secure the data actually is.

"The perspective from HP was really interesting, understanding what some of the challenges are for IT organizations as they move from having a glass house around which they build a security perimeter," Kessler told eSecurity Planet.

As mobility, BYOD and cloud computing begin to take hold, there are lots of IT security challenges that modern enterprises must now face. Kessler noted that he saw those challenges up close while at HP, and when he decided it was time to leave HP, he wanted to find an organization that was well positioned to address those challenges.

While Vormetric is often thought of as a data encryption vendor, Kessler stressed that the company is really all about protecting data, wherever it may reside.

"We're all about enterprise security and protecting the most critical assets in an organization," Kessler said.

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