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What will Fedora 11 be called?

From the 'what's in a name' files:

Red Hat's Fedora Linux is currently in the process of developing Fedora Linux 11, but first the new distro will need a name. So in the spirit of openness Fedora has opened up the naming of Fedora 11 to a vote. The names under consideration are:

Blarney, Brasilia
Leonidas and 

Personally I'm a fan of Leonidas (This is SPARTA!!) though Indomitable would be cool too.

The Fedora 10 release was named Cambridge and Fedora 9 was called Sulpher. Fedora actually has wiki page up now explaining the various name choices as well as the naming process itself. Basically there has to be a link between Cambridge and the new name in some way.

Voting on the new name is underway until January 9th and the winner will be announced on January 10th.