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Are IT security journalists -- insecure?

From the 'funny, I don't feel insecure...' files:

With Black Hat coming, I get a lot of 'interesting' pitches from PR people. One particularly interesting one I received is alleging that media professionals and organizations are vulnerable to IT security attacks.

"Members of the press are dropping the ball in efforts to protect themselves against online threats, even though they are more aware of and active in covering the subject, according to the results of a poll recently conducted by the BPM Forum and AVG Technologies," the pitch states.

O RLY?? I didn't know I was dropping the ball.

Some of the figures from the survey (and for the record I was not a participant in the survey, nor was I solicited to be one, even though I was solicited on the PR pitch about the news):

  • 80 percent of media staff rarely or never inform their network administrator of online security concerns they have 
  • More than half don't change their passwords, or rely on their company to do it for them
  • Nearly 70 percent of press reporters and editors feel threatened by online malware or spyware

Uh huh.