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Klingon anti-virus discontinued by Sophos

From the 'Tribbles are a form of malware' files:

PC security vendor Sophos is ending its glorious experiment into Klingon PC anti-virus defense. No this is not an early April Fool's Day joke, Sophos states that they've had over 100,000 downloads of its Star Trek bad/good guy inspired anti-virus software, which scanned for the usual malware, as well as Tribbles.

Basically, the software was a Klingon language version of Sophos' malware scanner. So why did Sophos discontinue the offer?

No it's not some crafty Federation deception, but rather a testament to the valor of the Klingon warrior race.

"A meeting of the Klingon High Council recently expressed concern
that the continued existence of Klingon Anti-Virus reflected badly on
the Klingon race, as they claim to have eradicated all Qo'noS-related
malware, past present and future in both this and mirror universes," Graham Cluely senior technology consultant Sophos blogged."And
we don't like to upset them.
Live long and prosper."