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Oracle's Ellison Talks Big on Cloud Computing

Software's Sublimation by Alex Goldman (bio)

Data's diffusion throughout business and into the cloud

Oracle's Virtual Iron acquisition demonstrated the company's commitment to virtualization, and now the company has shown it's ready to take on cloud computing.

CEO Larry Ellison unveiled the company's plans for cloud computing during a feisty earnings call in which he boasted of wins over most of Oracle's competitors.

Those plans start with being number one in on demand software. Ellison said that Oracle can compete with Salesforce in CRM and it can deliver products in other areas. "We are code complete on Fusion applications," he said. "Customers are trying them out now and we'll start delivering them later this year."

He added that Salesforce may be number one in SaaS but it's "only a billion dollar company." Oracle's revenues for the most recent year were $23.3 billion...

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