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Sybase Offers Analytics to Mobile Carriers

Sybase has made quite a transition from enterprise database vendor to mobile database vendor over the years. As it grows in that space, that means broadening the product offerings to add new features and functionality that enterprise vendors use all the time, such as analytics for network optimization. Enterprise Networking Planet gets the story.

Sybase said its new Sybase Operator Analytics 365 analytics software is an industry first for mobile operators, because it can provide them with deep analytics on billions of records in seconds. The analytics can, potentially, save operator costs and head off problems quicker by giving earlier insight as to where there might be bottlenecks.

"If you've got tens of millions or hundreds of millions of messages every day, a tiny fraction of those not being delivered is a big hit on your customer service reps," Dan Auker, senior manager for worldwide Marketing and business solutions at Sybase, (NYSE:SY) told InternetNews.com.

Auker said an analysis for one of its tier two carrier customers showed that if the new service could reduce calls to their call center by 10 percent, the carrier would save $800,000 per year.

"This is a new go-to-market strategy for Sybase, our first hosted analytics solution," said Auker. "It's a line extension to a raft of products we have that lets us give carriers a new service to improve their business."

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