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Apache Raises Status of Traffic Server

When you run as lean and mean as the Apache Software Foundation, you have to prioritize. That means putting only the most vital of projects at the top of the resource list. So when a server is handling 400 terabytes of data a day and is vital to a major search engine, that puts it at the head of the line.

ASF is boosting its Traffic Server project to top-level status, and with good reason. It's become an important content delivery system to Yahoo, helping distribute the load so it's not all coming from one source. So what does this elevation mean, exactly? ServerWatch explains.

The Apache Software Foundation runs its open source projects on a hierarchy of principally three levels, top-level projects (TLPs), sub-projects and incubated projects. Achieving the TLP status is a major milestone for an open source effort and this week Apache announced that six projects were being graduated to TLP status.

Among the six new TLPs, is the Apache Traffic Server, a project that was originally an incubated effort by Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) in 2009. The Traffic Server is also being updated to version 2.0 this week as the technology continues to grow under the direction of the Apache model.

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