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Microsoft Talks Up Modeling Advancements

Microsoft is unveiling a new initiative aimed at throwing computing power and the cloud behind real-world modeling -- aiming to simplify modeling while making it less resource-intensive.

The idea is to lay the groundwork and promote advancements in improving modeling that could one day benefit everything from combating diseases and making scientific discoveries -- not to mention enhancing modeling in business. CIO Update has the story.

Microsoft executives have a long tradition of sending e-mails to CEOs and other technology influencers to explain how technology change is likely to impact the future -- particularly when that change revolves around Microsoft's technology.

Bob Muglia, president of Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) Server and Tools Business group, on Monday issued just such an e-mail regarding the company's plans to simplify real-world modeling through the formation of what he calls Microsoft's Technical Computing Initiative.

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