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Canonical Expands Landscape Management Tool

If Canonical wants its Ubuntu Linux to make some headway in the enterprise, it needs the tools and support services, not just the operating system. With the release of Canonical Landscape, the company is taking another step in that direction. Landscape is the company's system administration tools, and the new version gets bulked up a little. Linux Planet has the story.

Landscape 1.5 is being officially announced this week, providing users of Ubuntu Linux with new management and deployment capabilities.

The new Landscape follows the debut of Ubuntu's most recent Long-Term Support (LTS) release, the latest edition of the open source Linux distro aimed at providing enterprises with the ability to maintain and upgrade their deployed Ubuntu distributions. Now with the Landscape 1.5 release, Canonical, the lead commercial sponsor behind the Ubuntu Linux operating system, is extending its management platform as it looks to further grow its enterprise business.

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Canonical Landscape 1.5 Extends Ubuntu Linux Management for Enterprises