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New NoSQL Membase Synchs With Memcached

Memcached has already won favor among the database crowd for its ability to cache and accelerate data.

Now NorthScale, a commercial sponsor of the open source technology, is extending memcached to the NoSQL database movement with Membase, a project angling to offer low-latency scalable system for dynamic Web apps. Database Journal has the details.

The open source memcached application is often used in conjunction with databases to help cache and accelerate data. A new approach from memcached sponsor NorthScale is taking a slightly different tack by integrating memcached directly with its new open source Membase server.

The Membase server is an open source NoSQL database project that is backed by NorthScale as well as apps developer Zynga. With open source Membase, the aim is to provide a new type of low-latency, scalable database system for dynamic Web applications.

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