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Zend Debuts PHP Server-Management System

Zend is looking to ease the pain of scaling up PHP deployments. The commercial PHP vendor has released its Zend Server Cluster Manager, a method for managing multiple PHP servers.

The new offering aims to facilitate "high-availability, scalability and management of large PHP deployments," according to Zend CEO Andi Gutmans. The cluster manager is focused more on the Web tier of things -- PHP, Linux and Apache -- than the database. Developer.com has the details.

Commercial PHP vendor Zend is aiming to improve the scalability of PHP for large-scale deployments and the cloud with the release this week of Zend Server Cluster Manager, a system for managing multiple PHP servers.

The cluster manager builds on the work that Zend began in April 2009 with the first release of Zend Server and since expanded. Zend Server is a bundled PHP middleware server that provides both the PHP language as well as an Apache Web server with database connectivity.

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