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Google Wave Washes Out

Google Wave, the technology once heralded as a replacement for email, IM and other forms of Internet-based office collaboration, has been sunk. The search giant had admitted since Wave's debut last year that the technology came to fruition without a solid use case. "They just said they were going to build this cool thing that will change communication," Google co-founder Sergey Brin said at Wave's unveiling.

That hadn't stopped Google Wave from attracting a fair amount of interest -- both from early users and developers building widgets for the platform. But now that Google has ceased future development of Wave, what's to come of the technology that gained accolades even as it struggled to find a raison d'etre? Datamation has the story.

Say so long to Google Wave. The search giant killed the ambitious collaboration software despite what it said were "numerous loyal fans."

The Wave project was kept under wraps until it's surprise debut at Google's I/O developer conference in May 2009. In a blog post Wednesday, Google admitted that while it was excited by Wave's potential, it was never sure how broadly it would be accepted.

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