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Oracle Reveals Solaris 11 Plans

Sun hardware and Java software got most of the attention in coverage of Oracle's lengthy pursuit of Sun Microsystems. With Sun now firmly in Oracle's fold, the database giant is providing more details about its plans for other Sun technologies like the Solaris operating system.

Server Watch details some of the features being planned for Solaris 11 due out next year including "the next level of scalability" as well as improved management and what the company said will be significant enhancements in many other areas. Oracle also plans to leverage some of the new features developed as part of Sun's openSolaris project. Sun released Solaris 10 back in 2004.

When Oracle completed its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Oracle executives promised to continue to invest in Solaris. This week, the company is detailing how it's living up to that promise.

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is gearing up for a major new release of the Solaris Unix operating system that is set for debut in 2011.That's one of the messages Oracle plans to deliver at its next generation data center event Tuesday in Palo Alto, Calif., the first in a series of similar events across the country.

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