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Chatter Helps Salesforce CEO Spot Top Employees

One of the ways tech companies often pitch their products is to tout the fact that they use them internally, or "eat their own dog food" as the saying goes. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff might prefer a more recent variation on the pitch that goes, "we drink our own champagne."

As eCRM Guide reports, Benioff is making extensive use of Chatter, the company's new collaboration service, to monitor what employees are saying as they use Chatter to push various projects forward. One analyst describes it as a new kind of data mining that could go a long way towards proving the value of social media in the enterprise.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff revealed this week that he monitors the Facebook-like collaboration service at his company to identify key employees.

"It's given me a new view of what's going on in the company," Benioff told the London Cloudforce conference, according to ZDNet UK.

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