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New Office for Mac 2011 Includes Outlook Email

While the stunning success of the iPhone and iPad has driven Apple to new heights of success, it's stalwart Mac line of computers has seen a far modest, but steady improvement in sales the past several years. Part of its success can be attributed to the availability of Microsoft Office for the Mac, the well-established business standard of desktop productivity applications. Microsoft claims three-quarters of all Mac users have Office installed on their system.

As Datamation reports, this week those Mac users have something to look forward to, a new version of Office for the Mac that for the first time includes Microsoft's Outlook email client.

Microsoft released the latest version of Office for Mac on Tuesday, though not with as much fanfare as several other product launches.

Although Office for the PC is by far the largest seller of the two, a lot of Mac aficionados have been waiting for Office for Mac 2011 for well over a year.

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