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Couchbase Still Committed to CouchDB and Membase Projects

NoSQL database startup Couchbase is planning on big things for 2012. The company has a new database release in the works, while still respecting its Apache CouchDB roots.

Couchbase was formed in February of 2011 as a merger between CouchOne and Membase. Over the past year, the company has evolved and moved beyond being just about CouchDB.

"From a product perspective we have recently been focused on the integration of CouchDB into Couchbase server 2.0," Couchbase CEO, Bob Wiederhold, told InternetNews.com.

The Couchbase Server product had formerly been known as Membase Server. The company has also recently decided to end support for a product known as Couchbase Single Server, which was a packaged distribution of Apache CouchDB.

Wiederhold noted that Couchbase Single Server is different than Couchbase Server and there isn't complete compatibility between the products. That's why Couchbase Single Server product is no longer being offered by Couchbase as of January 23rd. All of the code and packaging for the product is being donated back to the Apache CouchDB project.

To make matters more complex, CouchDB remains a key component of the Couchbase Server. Another key component of Couchbase is the open source memcached caching technology.

"We have a great relationship with the memcached community and we want to continue to have a great relationship with Apache CouchDB," Wiederhold said.

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