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Is Chrome More Popular than Firefox?

When Google Chrome first debuted in 2008, there was some speculation about whether or not the new browser would surpass Mozilla Firefox. Fast forward three years of development and over 16 Chrome releases, and behold: The day that Chrome is more popular than Firefox might just be here today.

According to analytics firm StatCounter, Chrome passed Firefox for global market share in the month of November. Chrome came in at 25.69 percent while Firefox was used by 25.23 percent of users. Microsoft's IE still dominates the Global share count, coming in at 40.63 percent globally for November. Looking just at the U.S., IE is still tops at 50.66 percent, Firefox is second at 20.09 percent and Chrome is at 17.3 percent.

Browser usage data from analytics firm Net Applications paints a similar picture, though the details are different. According to Net Applications November overall global browser share data, IE is first with 52.64 percent, Firefox is second at 22.14 percent and Chrome is in third place globally with 18.18 percent.

While both Net Applications and StatCounter indicate that IE leads globally with Chrome and Firefox behind, there are instances where Firefox leads. According to Ian Skerrett, Director of Marketing for the open source Eclipse Foundation, at eclipse.org, Firefox is tops. Eclipse.org browser stats for Nov: FF (37.7%), Chrome (32.6%), IE (20.8%), Safari (5.3%) and Opera (2.6%) Based on 3.2m visits," Skerret noted in a tweet.

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Is Chrome More Popular than Firefox?