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Pentaho 4.5 Bring Visual Inteface to Hadoop MapReduce

Open source business intelligence vendor Pentaho is updating its namesake software platform to version 4.5, with the specific aim of enabling user-driven data visualization.

Ian Fyfe, chief technology evangelist and vice president of product marketing at Pentaho, told InternetNews.com that in Pentaho 4.5 all of the different visualization types have been made interactive. As such, users can mouse-over and filter visualization across multiple different types of charts.

"It's really aimed at the end-user, so without needing hand-holding from IT, they can easily visualize data in new ways," Fyfe said.

Big Data visualization is enhanced in Pentaho 4.5 with support for the Apache Cassandra and MongoDB NoSQL databases. Existing support for Hadoop has gone even deeper by improving operations for MapReduce, a programming framework for Hadoop for parallel data processing. Pentaho has its own visual interface for MapReduce that is intended to make it easier to write and run MapReduce operations.

"So instead of having to hand code Java, you can use the Pentaho visual interface with a point-and-click functionality for MapReduce," Fyfe said. "The MapReduce job can be run as part of the Pentaho Data Integration Engine across the Hadoop cluster."

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