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Red Hat OpenShift 3 Goes 'All In' for Docker

The big shift in the upcoming OpenShift 3 milestone is all about refocusing the PaaS around Docker.

What OpenShift 3 really represents is what has been happening in the open-source space and Linux containers, driven by Docker and other projects, including Kubernetes and Atomic, that have sprung up around it," Joe Fernandes, Red Hat director of product management for OpenShift explained.

OpenShift is already built around Linux containers, though it had not been leveraging Docker. With Docker, a standard has emerged on how containers can be managed and how applications can be managed to run inside a container, Fernandes said.

Docker alone isn't enough for a full PaaS, and there is a need for an orchestration system to help manage and deploy container applications, Fernandes said. That's where the Google Kubernetes open-source project comes into play.

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