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Your Email Can be Used as an Indictator to Prevent Fraud

Emailage uses email addresses for user identity to help find potential fraud. The Emailage system is not an anti-spam platform, but rather it is an anti-fraud technology that can be leveraged by merchants and organizations to use email addresses to limit the risk of potentially fraudulent transactions.

Rei Carvalho, CEO of Emailage, explained that the basic idea behind Emailage emerged while he was running a company that manufactured hardware and software for kiosks and vending machines. Those kiosks and vending machines had customers that were swiping their credit cards to complete a transaction.

Carvalho said he was looking for a system that would help him reduce fraud with only a limited amount of information, such as just a user email. He couldn't find such a technology, so he set off to build one.

"Email is a global ID, and people use email for lots of different things," Carvalho told eWEEK -

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