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Dell Expands EMC Alliance With New Products

Dell and EMC have had a strong relationship for some time now, not a surprise given their relative popularity in enterprises and complimentary product offerings. Today that deal was expended to include new object databases as well as deduplication and other important features. Enterprise Storage Planet has the details.

Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) today expanded its OEM relationship with long-time partner EMC (NYSE: EMC) and unveiled a new object-based storage system.

Despite Dell's evolution over the last two years from an EMC partner into a major player in the storage networking market, the company's relationship with data storage giant EMC appears to remain intact.

Today, Dell announced plans to resell EMC Data Domain deduplication systems, as was widely expected, and Dell will also expand its agreement with EMC to resell Celerra unified storage arrays.

The new Dell|EMC DD Series will include the EMC Data Domain DD140, DD610 and DD630 dedupe appliances. On the unified storage front, in addition to the Celerra NX4 already rebranded as the Dell NX4, Dell will also resell the NS-120, NS-480 and NS-960 under the Dell|EMC NS Series.

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