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Whamcloud Preps Community Lustre Distribution

Whamcloud doesn't call it a fork, but rather a vehicle to bring clarity to the community.

Whamcloud, a venture-backed startup that counts among its ranks alumni of Oracle and Sun, is hard at work building a community distribution of Lustre, a parallel filesystem often used in high-performance computing deployments.

"Since April of 2010 there has been confusion in the community, and we've seen an impact in the business confidence in Lustre," said Whamcloud President and CEO Brent Gorda.

But Gorda is quick to clarify that his company isn't planning a "Whamcloud Lustre distribution," but rather that the offering in the works will be a community distribution.

Enterprise Storage Forum reports on the upcoming Whamcloud Lustre release, along with details of the firm's relationship with Oracle, which stepped into the leadership role of Lustre with the acquisition of Sun.

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