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Intel Advances Solid State Storage

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) isn't just a microprocessor vendor. The chip vendor is also involved in the storage market by way of its Solid State Drive(SSD)product portfolio, which is now being refreshed.

Intel is advancing its SSD efforts with a third generation of products with capacities ranging from 40 GB to 600 GB. Intels SSDs use a SATA-II 3 Gbps interface and can handle 39,500 input/output operations per second (IOPS) on random reads and 23,000 IOPS for random writes.

According to Intel, their new generation of SSDs deliver sequential write speeds as high as 220 MB per second (MBps), and read speeds as high as 270 MBps

"Our third-generation SSDs have larger capacities and performance improvements while providing better reliability and data protection, along with a 30 percent price drop," an Intel spokesperson told InternetNews.com.

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