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CNT Releases UltraNet IP Storage Architecture

Storage networking vendor CNT(R) has announced its UltraNet(R) Internet Protocol Storage Architecture, which will be embedded in the company's UltraNet hardware line of products.

According to CNT, the UltraNet IP Storage Architecture is designed to conform to the IETF task force iSCSI and FCIP draft standards for IP interoperability. In addition, components of the CNT UltraNet IP Storage Architecture are currently available within the company's UltraNet Director switching platform. CNT plans on incorporating more features of the architecture in future IP Storage offerings to be announced throughout 2001.

Mark Knittel, vice president of worldwide product operations at CNT, said, "The UltraNet IP Storage Architecture leverages our leadership in storage networking and our pioneering efforts in providing solutions for IP Storage, including Fibre Channel IP (FCIP), and our upcoming support for iSCSI solutions. Most products move storage across IP without regard for the impact it might have on the storage application. Our architecture doesn't just move the data -- it provides the tools and intelligence to manage network efficiency, guarantee data integrity, and assure optimum performance in local-, metro-, or wide-area networks."