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BakBone Certifies Adaptec Fibre Channel Host Bus

BakBone Software(TM) recently announced it has certified Adaptec Inc. AFC-9110G Host Bus Adapter (HBA) for use with BakBone's NetVault(TM) backup/restore software.

According to BakBone, the certification blends the power and ease of use of both NetVault and the AFC-9110G, and enables users at small and mid-sized enterprises to design and implement storage area networks (SANs) with a minimum of trouble and a maximum of both efficiency and return on their investment.

"The lack of assured interoperability has caused some companies to slow the adoption of SANs as a key component of their storage infrastructure," said Randy Batterson, BakBone's director of strategic alliances. "By certifying that NetVault works seamlessly with Adaptec's HBAs, those companies have one less barrier to consider, and one more reason to begin storing their corporate-critical data on SANs, and benefiting from the speed and security that they provide."

Adaptec provides a line of 1- and 2-Gbit Fibre Channel HBAs for a variety of applications. Adaptec's AFC-9110G is a 1 Gbit HBA with data transfer speeds of 100 MB/sec in half duplex mode and 200 MB/sec in full duplex mode. All of Adaptec's Fibre Channel HBAs feature Agilent Technologies' industry-leading Tachyon Fibre Channel controllers combined with Adaptec drivers and SAN management software. Tachyon controllers use Finite State Machine architecture, which is said to perform more efficiently than controllers that use an embedded microprocessor approach.