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Rising Edge's Five Terabyte Storage Solution

Rising Edge Technologies today announced the availability of a new, scaleable family of image archiving products capable of storing up to 5 terabytes of data in an archive appliance.

According Rising Edge, the LA-100 family of Living Archive(TM) appliances is built from field proven technology that dramatically improves image retrieval while reducing the total cost of storage. The LA-100 is configurable from 1TB to 5TB and, in many cases, will provide supplemental capacity to disk storage and tape library systems.

Rising Edge says its Living Archive(TM) uses a storage virtualization technique to map all drives and storage devices into a single volume or drive letter, which helps to eliminate the need for specialized software or device driver and allowing applications treat the Living Archive(TM) as a large rewritable hard disk.

Living Archive(TM) offers SCSI-based connectivity to a variety of Windows or Unix host platforms. An optional NAS interface, supporting 10/100MB Fast Ethernet connections, is also available.