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Auspex NS2000 Storage Servers Earns Rational

Network Attached Storage (NAS) vendor Auspex Systems, Inc. today announced that its NS2000 NAS solution has received extended certification from Rational(R) Software for the Rational(R) ClearCase(R) configuration management application in heterogeneous (UNIX/Windows) environments.

According to Auspex, the new certification allows developers to experience a true "one-world view" for Windows and UNIX clients that enable sharing of single files while maintaining access permissions and security for both environments. User access to project files is further enhanced as a result of the NS2000's Snapshot feature, which eliminates the need to lock the Rational ClearCase VOB (Versioned Object Base) for an extended period of time during a backup procedure.

Rational ClearCase offers an array of tools and processes that allow for parallel development tracks by distributed team members, enabling version management and change coordination during the development process. By supporting Rational ClearCase databases in UNIX/Windows as well as UNIX environments, Auspex says its NS2000 NAS platform minimizes deployment risks and maximizes reliable interoperation for Rational ClearCase users while also simplifying data management tasks system-wide for administrators.