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FlashDisk OpenRAID Stores 1.45 Terabytes

Winchester Systems this week introduced its ultra-high performance FlashDisk OpenRAID, which uses 181 GB disk drives to provide 1.45 TB of storage in a single enclosure.

According to Winchester Systems, FlashDisk OpenRAID models using 181 GB disk drives are designed for the most storage hungry applications including data warehousing, data acquisition systems, near-line storage replacements, decision support systems, video and audio applications plus major e-commerce, financial, manufacturing and database applications.

Joel Leider, Winchester Systems CEO, said, "The terabyte barrier in a single box has been broken and now IT managers can store virtually all needed information on-line at or lower than the cost of near line storage. At under 4 cents per MB for high speed, on-line storage, it makes optical jukeboxes obsolete."

Each FlashDisk OpenRAID unit holds 8 half-height disk drives of 181 GB each. The FlashDisk 82" high Data Center Cabinet will hold 9 rackmount units plus a UPS to store over 13 TB six square feet of floor space.

FlashDisk OpenRAID models are available in rackmount and pedestal configurations. A 1.45 TB FlashDisk OpenRAID unit with 8 disk drives of 181 GB each is priced at $53,943 including cables and UPS. Delivery time is three weeks.