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Benchmark Releases ValuSmart Half-High DLT Tape Drive

Benchmark Storage Innovations, Inc. today announced a new brand of DLT tape drive called ValuSmart Tape(TM). In conjunction with this announcement, Benchmark has made OEM deliveries of the, which it claims is the first half-high tape drive, the ValuSmart Tape 80. The ValuSmart Tape 80 is the newest member of its ValuSmart Tape family, which includes Benchmark's current DLT1 tape drive.

According to the company, the ValuSmart Tape 80 half-high drive features a "groundbreaking" compact design, an 80GB compressed capacity, and 6 MB/second compressed transfer rate. The ValuSmart Tape 80 is read-compatible with the DLT1, DLT4000, and utilizes DLTtape(TM) IV media. Quantum's Super DLTtape will back read data written on the ValuSmart Tape 80, extending DLT scalability throughout the entire enterprise.

"The formation of the ValuSmart Tape family is an important step in Benchmark's storage solution approach," said Lew Frauenfelder, CEO and president of Benchmark. "The half high ValuSmart Tape 80 leverages the reliability of DLT technology with additional value-oriented components, such as scalability. It's an essential element to the escalating requirements dictated by the growing data explosion."

Benchmark plans for the ValuSmart Tape 80 to be available through Benchmark's OEM partners, its Web site, as well as online-stories such as CDW, Insight, MicroWarehouse and PC Connection. The full-height DLT1 product will continue to be available via the same channels.