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IBM Adopts SLR100 Tape Drive and Autoloader

Tandberg Data ASA today announced that IBM would begin shipping SLR100 tape drives and SLR100 Autoloaders with its midmarket eServers, the eServer iSeries product line.

The SLR100 tape drive is based on quarter-inch cartridge (QIC) technology and offers 100 GB of capacity and a 10 MB per second transfer rate (assuming 2:1 compression). It is available for IBM eServer models i270, i820, i830 and i840, and is compatible with OS/400 V5R1.

"SLR tape drives are an ideal storage solution that have become the de facto standard with IBM eServer iSeries and AS/400 servers with over 810,000 SLR drives sold," said Jim Gathman, chief engineering manager, iSeries and pSeries Storage Devices, IBM. "We are pleased to be working with storage experts such as Tandberg and Imation to provide the SLR100 for our iSeries and AS/400 customers."

The new IBM Model 7329-308 SLR100 Autoloader integrates an SLR100 drive and eight-tape cartridge magazine to provide up to 800 GB of unattended storage capacity (with 2:1 data compression). It is available as a standalone unit for attachment to iSeries and AS/400 servers, contains a removable magazine, allows for offsite storage and includes a barcode reader.