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Quantum|ATL Announces New NAS/SAN Tape Libraries

Quantum subsidary Quantum|ATL, a DLTtape(TM) vendor this week announced its new Constellation Series automated tape library. The Constellation Series includes an array of storage solution offerings for Network Appliance customers and others. New Constellation products include the P2000 and P3000 Centaurus (NAS Backup Solution for Filers); the P2000 and P3000 Pegasus (SAN Backup Solution for Filers); and the P3000 Gemini series.

According to Quantum|ATL, the Constellation Series evolved as a result of a strategic alliance with Network Appliance and other industry leaders as part of the Open Storage Network (OSN) initiative. OSN is designed to foster integrated, multi-vendor solutions, using products that are tested and certified for interoperability. Quantum|ATL's backup solutions, based on network attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SAN), remove backup disruption from the applications and help keep filers online, all the time, by segregating backup operations to a dedicated storage network.

Quantum|ATL claims that its Prism Storage Architecture(TM) provides the Constellation Series with high availability, scalability and centralized management in one library.