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Callisma Introduces Storage Solution Services

Consultant company Callisma today announced the launch of its new "Storage Network Solution" services. Callisma now offers a Storage Network Assessment service along with the following solutions that include storage and server consolidation, backup and restore, disaster recovery and high availability.

According to the company, Callisma staff members have received certification and training in Storage Area Network (SAN) design and deployment through Brocade Communications Systems.

"Our new storage network services are designed specifically for businesses that rely on data intensive and mission critical applications. These services address the critical challenges facing enterprises and service providers who have recognized the value of implementing storage networks to manage the exploding amount of data, escalating storage costs, shortened or non-existent backup windows, and the need for very high reliability and availability. By working with Brocade, our team has access to best-in-class Brocade-based SAN switches, software, and certification training, ultimately enabling Callisma's team to provide storage network solutions that can be implemented quickly and expertly." said Ralph Troupe, Callisma president and chief executive officer.