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IP Storage Naming Service Software Released As Open Source Code

Nishan Systems, IBM and Intel today announced that software for the IP Storage protocol, Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS), has been released as open source code.

In addition, Nishan announced that Intel Corporation will also support the iSNS protocol by enabling the Intel PRO/1000 IP Storage Adapter, which will be available later this year, to utilize iSNS information. iSNS is a standards-track draft specification actively under consideration within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) IP Storage Working Group. IBM and Intel have been working with Nishan Systems to evaluate the iSNS code and believe that it will provide enhanced, integrated IP Storage solutions.

Co-authors of the iSNS standards-track specification include contributors from Cisco Systems, IBM Research, Nishan Systems, Nortel Networks, Pirus Networks, and Vixel Corporation.

According to the companies, iSNS is a comprehensive discovery and management protocol that provides the generic framework and naming service for storage entities in an IP Storage network. iSNS is designed to be a lightweight discovery protocol that can be deployed in iSCSI adapters and target devices, iSNS servers, and IP Storage switches. iSNS, which accommodates all IP Storage protocols, minimizes the manual administration of IP Storage networks by automating facilities for registration, discovery, zoning, and management of IP Storage resources.