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Digi-Data Ships Fibre Sabre 2300 RAID Systems

Digi-Data Corporation today announced it has begun delivery of its new Fibre Sabre 2300 Family of RAID Systems, which it says delivers data from disks at a sustained rate over 160 megabytes per second.

The principal components of these new Fibre Channel RAID Systems are Digi-Data's new Fibre Sabre 2300 RAID controller and Seagate Technology 10,000 and 15,000 RPM Cheetah disk drives. The Fibre Sabre RAID controller complements its 2-gigabit per second Fibre Channel host interface with an internal memory architecture that employs six disk channels to read from or write to multiple disks simultaneously.

Additional RAID features include automatic detection of failed power supplies and fans with hot swappable replacement. Using Seagate disks that range in size from 18 GB to the Barracuda 181 GB disk drive, Digi-Data Fibre Sabre 2300 RAID System configurations range from small systems providing 72GB of usable disk space to large arrays providing over 10 TB of usable disk space.