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CommTel Unveils $45 Million Internet Data Center Plan

CommTel, Maine's leading provider of business Internet and data solutions, announced a plan to spend more than $45 million building what it said is the state's first carrier-grade, full-service Internet data and network operations center in downtown Portland.

The company said the facility will provide Portland with its first true Internet Network Access Point (NAP), and will enable companies seeking support for their mission-critical enterprise computing services to remain in the state. Additionally, CommTel's said its Internet data center will fill a void across the Northeast region for small to medium-sized companies who are currently priced out of the enterprise data storage and management market. CommTel is currently seeking economic partnerships with the city of Portland and the State of Maine.

"The availability of high-performance, inexpensive intrastate networking and data storage is something a company should be able to take for granted. Unfortunately, existing data service options simply aren't meeting the needs of northern New England companies," says Scott Roberts, CommTel's president and COO. "Also, there is a strong need across the region for enterprise computing services, including storage, for the small to medium-sized market. Our new Internet data center will enable us to meet that need."

CommTel said its IP Data Center will encompass over 10,000 square feet in a physically secure, seismically stable and fire-resistant structure. In addition to the latest in storage, networking and connectivity technology, services will include real-time capabilities for fault notification and detection, queries and reporting on shared, dedicated and co-located systems including bandwidth, capacity, security, and site health and application.

"This facility will elevate Portland to the forefront of data service and transmission capabilities in New England. Coupled with CommTel's long tradition of superior customer service, our Internet data center will prove to be an attractive choice for corporations across the region looking to maximize ROI in their data and enterprise computing outsourcing," said Roberts.