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Demon Selects Quantum|ATL for Long-Term Storage

Quantum Corporation subsidiary Quantum|ATL today announced that it is now supplying its M1500 DLTtape library to Demon, the Internet brand of Thus plc in the United Kingdom (UK).

"As our customers' Web sites are becoming more complex, they need to store increasing volumes of data," said Colin Whitbread, group director of operations for Thus. "To meet this demand, we needed to implement a robust and efficient storage facility to accommodate customer requirements. We selected Quantum|ATL's M1500 library because it is fast, reliable, flexible and, most importantly, scalable. The scalability allows us to add storage capacity in an incremental manner as our customers demand, and in a way that does not force us to second-guess the market trend -- potentially leaving us with unused storage capacity if we miscalculate."

The storage solution was supplied through Premier Storage and Headway in the UK, and has grown to seven M1500 modules in a library, with two additional modules used as standalones, providing backup for the other servers on the enterprise network. Each module consists of 20 slots of DLT 8000 technology with a total capacity of 7.2 TB native (14.4 TB compressed).