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Linux, Unix Backup/Recover Support for Panasonic DVD-RAM Drive

Panasonic and Microlite Corporation today announced that Microlite's newly enhanced version of BackupEDGE fully supports the Panasonic 4.7GB DVD-RAM drive in Linux, UnixWare and OpenServer operating environments.

"DVD-RAM has the potential to revolutionize the design process when it comes to SMB servers and systems for replicated sites," said Tom Podnar, president of Microlite Corporation. "In many instances, a single device can replace both the CD-ROM drive and the tape drive. With the media's ability to provide more than 100,000 write/rewrites cycles, it's a very cost-effective solution. And with BackupEDGE, it becomes a plug and play solution under both Linux and Unix."

According to the companies, with internal data compression, they can store up to 9GB of data per side on a 4.7GB single-sided disc for less than a penny per Megabyte. The random access capabilities of DVD-RAM media combine with the BackupEDGE indexing system to allow access to any file on a DVD-RAM archive in under a second.

BackupEDGE 1.2 with DVD-RAM support is scheduled to ship in August 2001. The SCSI DVD-RAM device is supported by BackupEDGE under Linux, UnixWare and OpenServer. Linux users may also choose the ATAPI drive.