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Macintosh SAN Solution Makes the Grade

Rorke Data, Inc., a subsidiary of Bell Microproducts, Inc. this week announced that the company's new StudioNet-FC, a high bandwidth Fibre-Channel workgroup solution, has been installed at three additional studios.

The new StudioNet-FC users are Trailer Park, Aspect Ratio, and the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Each of the new users is located in Los Angeles and uses the system for its ability to provide high-speed transfer and playback of media while providing access to a fully-shared environment.

According to the company, StudioNet-FC is a full-duplex serial communications interface for networks in high-performance audio and video environments. Facilitating efficient data management, StudioNet-FC allows several editors or workstation operators to share what is commonly called a "Media Pool," a centralized storage volume that allows all networked users access to the files. Each system can capture DV, M-JPEG, compressed MPEG-2 (from 5 to 50 Mbit/sec) or uncompressed Standard Definition digital video files directly to the Rorke JBOD or RAID through the FC network, while simultaneously accessing files for playback.

Offering rates up to 200 MB/second, Rorke Data says StudioNet-FC eliminates all SCSI and reliability problems, including SCSI termination, SCSI IDs, unwieldy cables, and inappropriate cable lengths. By means of Multiple Rorke Data AVR-9000/FC Switches, the system provides users with a solution that is upgradeable from a single host storage channel to a multiple host storage network of up to 126 IDs per arbitrated loop. Highly adaptable to the unique applications and workflows needed for a particular environment, StudioNet-FC supports the Macintosh, NT, SGI and Sun Microsystems platforms; can be configured with either file or volume management software; and is scaleable with all RAID levels, including Fibre Channel JBOD, Fibre-to-SCSI RAID 3, Fibre-to-Fibre Raid 3 storage and RAID 5.