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BakBone Software Introduces Online Backup for Notes

BakBone Software(TM) Inc., a provider of storage management software solutions, announced the introduction of a suite of NetVault(TM) Application Plug-in Modules(TM) (APMs) for IBM DB2 and Lotus Notes, covering all major UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms.

Designed to meet the growing storage needs of enterprise-class companies, the company said, APMs allow for backup and restore of files while the application is online and active.

"IBM's success with IBM DB2 and Lotus Notes shows that both applications will clearly dominate the corporate landscape for the future," said Cali Viviano, APM product manager for BakBone. "Backup and restore requirements for DB2 and Notes have grown dramatically over the years, and BakBone has risen to meet the challenge with unique functionality specific to each application."

Pricing for the NetVault APMs for IBM DB2 and Lotus Notes begins at $995. The APMs are available through BakBone's network of solution providers.