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XIOtech SAN to Include Speedy Seagate Cheetah Disk Drives

Seagate Technology and XIOtech(R) Corporation today announced that Seagate's 15K-rpm, 36 gigabyte Cheetah X15 36LP disc drives have been tested, certified, and are immediately available for integration with XIOtech's MAGNITUDE(TM) SAN. . According to XIOtech, the MAGNITUDE SAN's virtualized architecture allows simultaneous access to as many as 64 drives.

"We developed the X15 36LP drive to be the fastest and most reliable drive for business-critical data," stated Brian Dexheimer, Seagate executive vice president, Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. "It's an excellent drive for XIOtech's enterprise customers who place their most valuable data on their MAGNITUDE SAN, and who must have access to this information in real time in their 24 x 7 x forever server environments."

The Seagate Cheetah X15 36LP is available immediately from XIOtech for new or existing XIOtech MAGNITUDE SANs.