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Dot Hill Enhance SANnet Systems

Dot Hill Systems Corp. , a provider of carrier-class information storage and storage area network (SAN) solutions, today announced that it has integrated Ultra160 technology into its SANnet(TM) 3300 (SCSI) and SANnet 4300 (SCSI-Fibre Channel) storage systems, as well as the SANnet 2300 expansion chassis.

"The new Ultra160-enhanced SANnet systems provide customers with increased transfer rates of up to 190 megabytes per second and a choice of SCSI or Fibre host connections. There is still strong demand for SCSI storage systems, especially from our telecommunications customers, and we are committed to providing them with cutting-edge technology," said Dana Kammersgard, chief technology officer, Dot Hill. "This new SANnet series is also NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) Level 3 certified. This gives our customers the added assurance that they are buying the most reliable storage systems on the market."

The SANnet family of products is compatible with many server platforms including Unix, Linux, Windows, AIX, and HP-UX. The SANnet series with Ultra160 technology also offers enterprise-class options, including 180GB drives and 2GB cache, and advanced features such as active-active RAID controllers.