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Facebook Privacy Update Eyes Location Services

Is Facebook courting controversy again? It seems like whenever the social networking leader tinkers with its privacy policy, the torches are lit and the pitchforks hoisted. In its latest update, Facebook is asking for input from its users after tweaking its privacy guidelines to clear the way for new features and services, including some that will tap into the geo-aware craze.

eSecurity Planet takes a look at the latest from Facebook on the privacy front and the preliminary reaction from some users.

As it looks ahead to a new crop of products and features, Facebook has revised its privacy policy and governing document once again, and is now inviting its users to review and comment on the changes.

Michael Richter, Facebook's deputy general counsel, said the revisions clear the path for new features to the site, many of which are still in the concept or development stages, but will include more location-based data. Instead of simply including a piece of geographical information with a post, as the original privacy policy had envisioned, Richter said the location-aware rules are being broadened to apply to include interactions with other Facebook pages, such as those of a local restaurant or business.

Richter said that more details and explicit privacy controls for the location-based features and other updates will be announced as the products roll out.

Facebook switched up its method for revising its site policies last February, following a heated controversy over a change to its terms of usage that to some critics appeared to assert perpetual ownership over its users' information, even after they closed their accounts.

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