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What Does Lala Shutdown Mean for Apple iTunes?

Several analysts have interpreted Apple's decision to shutter the Lala.com streaming music service as a sign that it's planning to unveil a cloud-based version of its popular iTunes music store.

If true, that would give users the ability to back up their music purchases on the Web and access them from devices other than their local computer, a feature Lala offered.

Now, if such an announcement is in the works, the next question would be what venue Apple might choose to break the news. Datamation reports that there are a couple likely suspects slated for later this year.

Apple may be taking the next step in embracing a streaming and cloud-storage service for iTunes, if pundits are reading correctly into Apple's shuttering this week of Lala.com.

The Mac, iPad and iPhone maker purchased Lala.com, a streaming music site, in December. But this week it posted a notice on its front page informing subscribers it will be shutting down the service on May 31 and will not accept new users.

To many industry observers, the signs point to Apple's move to merge its streaming and cloud storage service into iTunes, giving users a way to back up their purchase to the cloud.

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