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Facebook Confirms All-Hands Privacy Meeting

Facebook has run into a bit of an image problem lately. The company has taken a lot of heat for playing fast and loose with its users' privacy, and government officials have been asking some troubling questions.

The company has confirmed that it plans to hold an all-hands meeting this afternoon to discuss its approach to privacy on the heels of a slew of changes to the site that have alarmed many users.

In the meantime, government scrutiny continues, with European data-collection authorities delivering a letter to the company urging it to loosen up its privacy controls and warning that it could run afoul of EU law.

eSecurity Planet takes a look at Facebook's latest privacy imbroglio.

Amid rising concerns that the world's biggest social network is putting its users' privacy at risk, Facebook has confirmed that it is holding an all-hands company meeting this afternoon to discuss the issue.

"We have an open culture and it should come as no surprise that we're providing a forum for employees to ask questions on a topic that has received a lot of outside interest," Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes told InternetNews.com in an e-mail.

Noyes declined to comment on what, if any, policy changes might come out of the meeting.

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