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Facebook Seen Challenging Google With Webmail

To many observers, Facebook and Google have been on a collision course for some time. Come Monday, that rivalry could get even more serious, if Facebook delivers what is widely rumored a new email service internally referred to as a "Gmail killer."

Additionally, Facebook could be planning to announce a new integration with the online versions of Microsoft's Office applications. Couple that with the longstanding rumor about Google's social networking ambitions, and Monday's will be a closely watched event. Datamation takes a look.

What's next from Facebook? Speculation about what the company plans to unveil Monday has ramped up considerably.

Initial reports were that Facebook plans to introduce an email service for Facebook users that TechCrunch claims is informally referred to inside Facebook as a "Gmail Killer." The invitation to Monday's event features a graphic of two chat boxes indicating some sort of communications announcement is likely.

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