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Hearsay's New Facebook Management System

It's getting harder and harder for any consumer-oriented company to ignore Facebook, which now boasts over 500 million users worldwide. Whether its individuals and departments working behind the scenes away from IT or a fully-blessed social media marketing campaign, a growing number of companies have embraced social media with Facebook fan pages, Twitter feeds and related online campaigns.

But the management of these kinds of campaigns can be problematic, particularly in regulated industries and among franchises and branch offices that need to adhere to corporate standards.

Enter Hearsay with a social media management platform it says makes Facebook far more palatable to IT with compliance and management features lacking in other services. The new Hearsay Social also provides full integration with the LinkedIn API.

Hearsay co-founder and CEO Clara Shih created the first business application for Facebook in 2007 called FaceForce that pulled Facebook profile information into the Salesforce CRM system. She's also the author of the recently updated book "The Facebook Era."

"Every conversation I had while developing FaceForce and writing the book reinforced the idea that Facebook is like the Internet was a decade earlier and it's changing the nature of relationships," said Shih.

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