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Jamcracker Tally Tops 42

Jamcracker Inc., a leading provider of enterprise IT and business applications and services, announced Tuesday (Feb 6) that it has 42 customers successfully using its service and an additional 41 customers in various stages of deployment. The company's major deployments include Asera Inc., CAT Technology, Knowledge Networks Inc., RightWorks Corporation and Yipes Communications Inc.

"Our customers' internal IT resources are stretched to the limit, and Jamcracker serves as a welcome extension to their IT teams," said Todd Johnson, vice president, worldwide marketing for Jamcracker. "We save businesses time and money by making sure their critical business applications are constantly available, and that all end user support inquiries are handled promptly and to their complete satisfaction."

Jamcracker manages a customer's back-office applications and provides desktop support for end users, which frees their IT staff from routine administration and support functions so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. Major deployments are using the following services:

  • Asera Inc., an Adaptive eBusiness Solutions provider for Global 2000 and emerging-growth companies, is using Jamcracker's MS Exchange Service and Jamcracker's Remote Access Service from iPass. Asera is a 475-seat deployment in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • CAT Technology, a premier provider of Internet operations solutions ranging from web infrastructure design and deployment to 24x7 site management, is using Jamcracker's MS Exchange Service, Jamcracker's Remote Access Service from iPass and Jamcracker's Microsoft Support Service. CAT Technology is a 214-seat deployment in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Knowledge Networks Inc., a technology-based Marketing Information Company whose marketing intelligence system provides continuing information about consumers' opinions, attitudes, activities and behavior, is using Jamcracker's Microsoft Support Service. Knowledge Networks is a 170-seat deployment in offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Washington, Boston and Cincinnati.
  • RightWorks Corporation, a partner company in the Internet Capital Group (Nasdaq: ICGE) network and a leading provider of second-generation e-business applications, is using Jamcracker's Human Resource Service from Employease, Jamcracker's Professional Services Automation from OpenAir.com, Jamcracker's Web Conferencing Service from WebEx, Jamcracker's Remote Access Service from iPass and Jamcracker's Online Backup Service from Connected.com. RightWorks is a 362-seat deployment Silicon Valley.
  • Yipes Communications Inc., a leading provider of managed optical IP networks, is using Jamcracker's Remote Access Service from iPass. Yipes has deployed more than 350 seats across the U.S.

Other Jamcracker customers include Crescendo Ventures, First Analysis Venture Capital, Newhouse Consulting and e4e Inc.

As Jamcracker matures, so does its customer base, Johnson told ASP News. "In the beginning, we had a lot of customers with 50 to 150 seats. The average is definitely moving up -- our sweet spot now is closer to 200 seats," he said. "We've noticed that the sales cycle isn't that much different between a 75-seat company and a 350-seat company, so we've been bringing on more solutions that are applicable to these bigger customers."

That doesn't mean that Jamcracker is abandoning the smaller customers, Johnson added. "We have a tiered strategy around our solution. We address the low end of the market as well as the medium to large enterprise," Johnson said. "The whole idea is that as smaller companies grow, they can change packages without changing service providers."

The size of the company affects how it sees the relationship with Jamcracker. "Smaller companies see us in the traditional ASP sense -- as an outsourced solution to make up for their smaller IT departments," Johnson said. "When you start taking it upstream, th