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Freeinternet.com Scores User Surge

Just 10 months after launch, Freeinternet.com managed to glean a gaggle of more than 3.2 million registered users.

Freeinternet.com further reported this week that it received more that 98 million-page view in July, according to data published by PC Data Online Reports.

The site-tracking firm listed Freeinternet.com as the 10th most popular Web destination among Internet service provider portals in July. PC Data Online also noted that the Freeinternet.com portal received visits from just less than 2.3 million unique users last month.

Comparable free ISP, NetZero Inc. ranked 17th on the same report with 1.6 million unique visitors that joined in producing 14.3 million total page views last month.

Freeinternet.com last reported that it had captured more than 2.2 million registered subscribers as of June 20th. This week's membership milestone means that Freeinternet.com added 1 million new registered users, averaging just less than 20,000 new members each day.

Bob McCausland, Freeinternet.com president and chief executive officer, said the no-fee Internet service provider was just starting to get the ball rolling.

"This tremendous increase in registered Freeinternet.com users and visitor activity on our site is really exciting, but we believe we're still just scratching the surface of our potential," McCausland said.

Freeinternet.com counts registered users as people that complete its online subscription form, download the software, and log onto its network at least once. The free ISP does not report how many active users it connects to the Internet each month.

However, Karen Kartes freeinternet.com spokesperson, said its actual usage trends with the industry average for free ISPs, which is around 50 percent, or 1.6 million active users.

Freeinternet.com contends that its significant growth in recent months can be attributed to many factors, including aggressive marketing campaigns, software enhancements, expanded technical support, and the development of strategic private label and co-branding partnerships.

But Freeinternet.com's McCausland said its "Baby Bob" advertising campaign has been a hit.

"Our Baby Bob advertising campaign and online and offline promotional efforts are building our brand equity every day, and our content, reliability, and speed are better than ever before," McCausland said. "We believe that all of this is working together to create a Freeinternet.com user experience that is compelling, useful, and entertaining."

Freeinternet.com launched its popular "Baby Bob" national advertising campaign in February. For those of you not familiar with the broadcast, Bob is a precocious, talking baby with an adult intellect and sense of humor who tells everyone about the simplicity of the service.

As a mark of the ad's popularity among viewers, Freeinternet.com and Viacom Productions recently signed a deal to create a primetime television pilot CBS Corp. starring Baby Bob.

Seattle-based Freeinternet.com offers private label solutions, targeted advertising opportunities, sponsorships, and free Internet access in over 6,500 international cities and the U.S.