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Sun Joins Internet Business Services Initiative

The Internet Business Services Initiative (IBSi), an industry association promoting the development and use of web-native business solutions, Monday (Jan 22) announced that Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW), a leading provider of network computing hardware and software, has joined the Initiative. Sun is a major supplier to IBSi and will participate in the various committees and events sponsored by the organization.

"The web-native design of our services is an application of the forward-thinking, network-centric vision that has made Sun a powerhouse," said IBSi president Duncan Van Dusen. "By joining the Initiative, Sun is recognizing the importance of the Internet Business Services model as a breakthrough deployment strategy supporting their service-driven network, and we believe their involvement in the IBSi will significantly accelerate the realization of our mission."

IBSi is an industry trade association that works to address the technical and marketing issues of software as a service. Its members offer business-to-business applications over the web based on a one-to-many architecture that supports a large number of users simultaneously. IBS applications generally require little or no installation and are available to users anywhere, any time through the Internet using any standard web browser. Headquartered in San Francisco, the non-profit industry association is educating the marketplace and making it easier for customers to access, evaluate, use and benefit from these services

"We see the one-to-many architecture promoted by the IBSi as congruent with Sun's view of a service-driven network. Internet Business Services are developed for multiple tenancy and therefore can be more cost-effective and reliable than typical packaged applications in an Internet delivery model," said Jeanette Kennedy, director, Market Development, Sun Microsystems.

"This is a young industry," Kennedy added. "The IBSi is a leading organization promoting interoperability among services and educating the market to the value of using Internet Business Services. We will work with the member companies to develop the potential in the market and educate IT executives at enterprise-level companies to the value of these application services."

IBSi members include Agillion, BizFinity, eAlity.com, Elite.com, Employease, Freeworks.com, Genient, Jamcracker, Managemark, Mimeo.com, OpenAir.com, QuickArrow, Sevina Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Trip.com, Upshot, Virtual Growth and Works.com.